kevin's favorite things

Liam and I have spent way too much money on Kevin. We’ve tried toys that failed, and treats that didn’t work. However, after much trial and error, we’ve found some really great dog products that we absolutely swear by. Below are some of our everyday Kevin products that we use for our dog everyday.


We love using the Ruffwear Front Range Harness, it’s the perfect durability and can easily be cleaned. We bought Kevin the blue one, but I think next time around I’d buy the orange (or gray!) but it also comes in green, purple, and pink. The problem with other harnesses we tried was that they would wear and tear faster than we wanted them too - which was so frustrating. Another issue is that a lot of them come with mesh, and what is wrong with mesh? Dirt, that’s what. Dirt would get stuck inside the mesh parts and it would be impossible to get it out. We went through a lot of cheaper harnesses before spending the $40 on this one, and we’ve had this one almost two years now… no issues.



There are a few toys that we can give Kevin that we know will entertain him for a good 20-60 minutes, depending on how hard we make it for him. We love to give him these toys when we’re eating, or wanting to relax in the evening. Or on a rainy day to keep him awake for a while.

Firstly, a Snoop. Everyone needs a snoop! They are the best! You hide kibble or treats inside them, and they have to figure out how to get it out. You can also put like peanut butter, or something more difficult in it - and it’s super easy to clean. Just some soap and water and boom, clean.


Another thing we use a lot are Chuck It balls. If you’re a dog owner, you probably know what these are but it took us much too long to find them than it should have. Kevin isn’t much of a fetch dog, so we never really focused on getting balls or fetch games. However, when there was tennis balls around, he would chew on them and spend hours digging into them. The issue was that he would pull the ‘hair’ off the tennis balls, and it would leave a mess everywhere - so we tried these, and they worked! He squishes them in his mouth and it gives him the same satisfaction as a tennis ball, without the mess, and more durability.


The last dog toy that I’ll call out is the robe ball. There are a lot of brands that do these, and we have tried a few and they all seem to be decent so far. Kevin loves to kick this around the house and chase it, chew on it, and eventually - unravel it. It takes him a while to get them to loosen up, which is great because you get a lot of play for not a ton of money. It definitely keeps him entertained for at least an hour or so a day - he loves them that much.



Below are just a bunch of dog treats that we love to use. We found the Chicken and birdy flavors tend to not settle well, so we avoid chicken and other foul flavors. We do a lot of peanut butter, oats, sweet potato, beef, etc.

We also LOVE to go to Mud Bay and get a big bin of their bulk treats - it’s really cheap to go that route too and they last forever. We probably go the Mud Bay route more than anything, but we also use Zuke’s a lot for training and hiding around the house or in toys, without feeling guilty since they’re so small.

Doggy Health and Care

I’m no veterinarian, obviously. But below are a few items that we love to use that help Kevin with little ailments, safety, and daily issues. If there is something specific you’re interested about, let me know! We’ve done a lot of trial and error in this department.

Firstly, the dog hammock. Kevin doesn’t get super stressed in the car, but you can tell he doesn’t like it. When we first starting riding in the car, you could tell he was scared of falling into the footbed area - so we bough a hammock. Best. Decision. Ever. It caused him to calm down so much, since he’s no longer able to fall down there. Plus, it helps with muddy, messy, or dirty dogs - and it’s SO easy to clean when you need to. It’s saved my car from so much doggy heartache, both for Kevin, and for me.

Also, Paw Balm. We use paw balm for Kevin pretty often and it’s definitely helped with him trying to lick them all the time, and the roughness of them. It was also hard for us to find one that he didn’t want to eat but we’ve found that if we put it on and then give him a distraction toy (like one of the ones listed above) it’s stopped him from trying to lick his paws off.

Another really great tool we use is Pill Wrap. The intention of this is to wrap your dogs pills in them, which works like a charm for Kevin - but we’ve also found that if we stick some to the side of one of his bones or antlers, he licks it off which takes him a while and entertains him for a bit. It’s a great double trick!

Julie Maden