what are my wardrobe staples?

I’m not a fashionista, but I’m really enjoying how my style has evolved and the daily wear I’m piecing together is easy and affordable. I would label myself as kind-of-athleisure, kind-of-minimalist, kind-of-simple. Slowly but surely, my wardrobe has become a series of cheap(ish) simple clothing. I love basics, like clean white shoes, durable denim, and basic shirts of all colors. Then topping it off accessorizing with jewelry and bags. 

What is minimalist clothing? To me it’s simple, clean, almost athleisure but a little more homey, comfy and cute style. It can be a dress one day, and sweats the next, and everything in between. It’s casual, but looks put together and organized. So, what’s in my closet?

Target Basic T-shirts

Firstly, I have been hoarding the A New Day™ basic t-shirts from Target. They are only $8.00, which means you don’t feel guilty about buying a plain t-shirt - but they also last forever. They are soft, fit well, and you can treat them to any machine washing cycle and they hold up well. They’re perfect for anyone who appreciates just throwin’ it in the washer and dryer week after week, like me.

I’m serious about hoarding them though; I have in grey, white, black, navy, rust, and a dusty pink. Some colors I have multiple shirts in different styles. I wear them all the time. Alone, under sweaters, with my puffy vest. Some of them are short sleeves, some of them are long. Some v-necks, some round necks. 


Next, girls… MADEWELL DENIM. This isn’t a secret, and most of you are aware - but MADEWELL DENIM. I love the durability of their denim, and the fit. They are soft and stretchy, but thick - not three-washes-and-their-done kind of denim. 

Also, Madewell an amazing program where you can trade in your old jeans for a credit. Once a year, I just bring in a handful of old jeans I don’t like or wear anymore, or are destroyed, and turn them in for $20 toward my new pair at Madewell. But not only are they recycling your jeans, they are sent to Blue Jeans Go Green™ who make them into housing insulation. That’s then used in organizations like Habitat for Humanity to build homes for those in need. So do good, and get a discount on amazing jeans while you’re at it. It’s really a great program, check it out here. 


Another staple in my wardrobe is clean white kicks. I love shoes and a white pair of tennis shoes is in my closet year-round. Some of my favorites? Vans, can’t go wrong with a classic. Another classic, Chuck Taylors, but only the hightops for me. I love to wear my vans with dresses or yoga pants, things that a simple low-cut white shoe can handle. Then for skinny jeans, or shorts, Converse are a great option in my opinion. 

I got a little out of my comfort zone the other day and bought some Adidas Falcon’s in all white, they have off-white compliments, so they’re not stark white , and some trendy mirror like details that add a little conversation piece. Still trying to figure out how to style them, any suggestions are welcomed!  

It’s just so EASY to mix and match when your wardrobe is full of basic things. Blazers, sweaters, jackets - with t-shirts of all colors, and basic denim. Then dress it up or down with accessories.

StyleJulie Maden